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Wind Energy

Activities and achievements in the field of wind energy

1-Construction of Manjil 100 MW wind farm
2-Construction of Binalood 28.4 MW wind farm
3-Installation of 15 X 660 KW of Manjil wind turbines in windy regions of the country in order to promote utilization of wind energy throughout the country: Of such installations we can refer to installation of 660 KW turbines in Isfahan, Ardebil, Mahshahr, Fars, and Zabol and also 1980 KW in Tabriz and 2 turbines in Khaaf region. 
4-Acquiring the knowhow for manufacturing of 660 KW (S47) Turbine components and increasing the domestic manufacture percentage from 20% to 80% during the past 2 years.
5-Manufacturing of lifts for 660 KW turbines which is done exclusively and for the first time. 
6-Acquiring the knowhow for potential measurement in the country which is performed through technology transfer from Germany. 
7-Acquiring the knowhow and technical capability of manufacturing megawatt turbines.
8-Performing the potential measurement and preparing the national wind atlas : Potential measurement and national wind atlas project is planned and implemented in order to measure the wind potentials and locate proper sites for construction of wind farms. The first edition of Iran Wind Map is prepared, using the data gathered from 160 meteorological stations, meteorological balloons, higher atmosphere wind atlas, topographic and application maps of the lands and 3d atmosphere simulation software (Klimm). The procedure included installation of 123 wind measurement stations with 40 meter masts (and 1X 80 meter mast) equipped with advanced measurement gear at altitudes of 10, 30 and 40 meters in order to improve the accuracy of Iran Wind Map and covering the areas lacking the required data. In addition to recording of wind data, these stations have also been equipped with heat and humidity combo sensors and sunlight measurement sensors. Based on the data acquired from these stations, calculations and software based modeling have been performed and the final edition of Iran Wind Map has been prepared. These maps are regularly updated by changing the location of the sensors and setting up of new stations.