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  • Transfer of technology in drilling operations. Offshore and onshore activities.
    • Overview:

      EOR technics to boost Iran’s production capacity. Most interesting Iranian brownfields.

      Iran’s recovery has been more impressive than the market had anticipated. By the end of October 2016, crude production had reached 3.7m b/d, a near 1m b/d increase year on year (y-o-y) and surpassing the pre-sanction production levels of 3.6m b/d. Within a year, the 2012 embargo on Iranian crude had reduced output by 1m b/d. The absence of technology and finance left many of the mature fields in Iran with typically high decline rates (6-12%) in dire conditions. ATLAS already negotiate with European company to buy / rent most advanced tools / equipment for using in oil & gas field.

      In the NIOC for a few fields they made a contractual model which reimbursements / payment of all direct and indirect costs and expenses will be made solely through allocation of up to 50 percent of the incremental crude oil/condensate production with respect and in addition to the “Depletion Base Line” or up to 75 percent of incremental natural gas production with respect and in addition to the depletion base line. Reimbursements for other products will be done through allocating a part of the revenues gained in line with the market price of such products.

    • Mobile Oil Separator (MOS) Mobile Oil Treatment (MOT)

      During the drilling, repairing, acidizing and testing of oil wells, usually a large amount of oil is accumulated in a pit in the ground and burned. This has several economic and environmental impacts including air and soil pollution and waste of energy and financial resources. ATLAS supposed to invest in this field and thorough construction of Mobile Oil Separator (MOS) & Mobile Oil Treatment (MOT) by using domestic know – how , avoid huge amount of oil waste by using MOS & MOT. These equipment are a device for eliminating acid, gas, water, salt & sand from crude oil and pumping it to the pipeline during the drilling, repairing, acidizing and testing of oil wells. This device also could be utilized for different oil wells with different oil properties. As emphasized in their names, these devices are mobile and it is possible to utilize them on any needed oil well and then easily transfer and install them on another one. For develop we need to NIOC support and held the contract for using the equipment after construction.

    • Areas of collaboration with international companies. Domestic know-how and foreign technology access.

Based on ATLAS strategy, consortium should be made from ATLAS as domestic know –how company, Financier Company and advanced technologic company. Required preparation have been made and you’ll hear more from this consortium performance.